Apple CarPlay – The NOT SO Ultimate Co-Pilot.

According to Apples website, “Apple CarPlay” is the ultimate co-pilot. You can navigate, call, text, and enjoy music right from your car’s in-built display — and safely drive around.


However, I have a problem using Apple Maps. I’m not a great fan of Apple maps. I got lost in the way several times in the past when using it. Since then I have totally avoided Apple maps. Infact, I deleted Apple maps from my iPhone to save storage space.

Recently I had to re-install Apple maps to use it in my new car. My new car supports mobile navigation on big console screen. I thought getting direction from in-built display was easier than tiny smartphone screen. But Apple made it not so easy right now. I had to start a “DIY” project to make it happen — even after paying heavily for infotainment on my car.

Read more about my clunky “DIY” solution 3 below.


I was disappointed to know Google maps is not yet supported in CarPlay. iPhone users are struck with Apple maps. Certainly, Apple maps are not the nicest maps. I got late for my appointments several times as I lost my way.

Why Google maps is not supported on CarPlay? When it will be supported? If it will ever be supported? I’m not sure.

One thing is for sure — this is pretty consistent with Apple’s reputation. Apple sacrifices users convenance by enforcing its own products. Rubbing its ego on customers and subjecting them to poor experience. I guess, convenience is the cost we pay for being  iPhone users.

Solution 1:

Obviously! Suck it up and forget about In-vehicle navigation. Buy a Smartphone holder and use Google maps.

Solution 2:

If you can’t resist your car’s big console then forget Google maps. Start using Apple maps instead, and in case you get lost — then pull out Google maps.

Solution 3:

Buy a cheap Android phone and connect it to your car console. Tether data for your Android phone from your iPhone Personal hotspot and start navigation. Optionally, download your entire city on Google maps and save yourself some cellphone data.

This is worse and most inconvenient way. You have to switch on Personal hotspot every time you get into your car. You have to re-connect your Android Auto to your personal hotspot every time. All this takes time.


Hope for Apple letting Google maps on CarPlay soon. If you like, then go ahead and support the forums on Apple communities for Google maps on CarPlay.