macOS Users – How to quickly dismiss annoying ads on news websites

I was trying to read an article on today, and was constantly bothered by this alert message.

It was asking me to whitelist to continue reading further.

Whitelisting the website will let the provider display relevant ads. It is another source of income these days. However, these ads are strategically placed in the middle of the content to catch maximum attention. This makes it hard to focus on the news material and very distracting.

So to avoid ugly content, ad-blockers were developed in recent times. Unfortunately companies have found a way to detect these ad-blockers. We are now reminded to disable the ad-blockers completely or whitelist else quite the website.

We are back to the same situation as before ad-blockers. Remember the ugly old pop-up days on Internet explorer?


If you are Mac user, then you can avoid whitelisting or disabling ad-blockers. You can simply click on the “Reading” icon on the browser to read articles nicely formatted.

Clicking “Reading” we can customize the appearance to dark and white themes. Increased font size. Select from fonts. I find this trick especially convenient to read entertainment news websites.